Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Kid On The Block

so theres a new kid in my life...

now i kno i have to take care of this kid but theres alot of responsibility that comes along with it..

now ive dealt with different types of kids before...

but this kid...this one is very different...its kinda scary actually...

i met this kid ; ironically at church...and as soon as i saw this kid i automatically knu that they would be a handful..

but i was wrong...this kid is taking care of me..!

i dont have to worry about this child maturing.. they're already mature

they already have themselves established..

and my patience has not run out yet..

im not positively sure that i wanna keep this child in my life or give them up like ive done to the ones in the past..

the ones in the past needed me to wait on them hand and foot and that really got annoying..

i kno kids need love and care but i think i actually gave too much and they took it for granted..

but this kid is special...

they always make sure to tell me... " theres no room for doubt"

this kid is only __ yrs old !

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