Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nobody Likes A Liar

copyright October 28,2004

This is a little story of two adolescents...

They started off on the wrong foot
some lies were told to conform and some were just for revenge, but they both knew something was there; well maybe only one of them

The feelings she had were present every time they talked on the phone, he told her to get over it but she found it difficult
They argued but the argument meant less than zero; each belonging to a difffernt person one still grew more attached

Confused she was, she got a little mad but never agreed to hate him
Every night losing sleep and into the morning they talked

Advice was given, it hurt but she needed it, it was useful...she got cussed at; and cried
Wasting his time and hers she felt sorry, but he didnt take any part in believing her and she felt sincere...

Maybe something in the future was out of the question
He suggested that they never talk again, that was also out of the question...

Her ears heard a disgusting group of words; they soon blew fire...feeling the heat through the phone he felt shamed

She liked this guy alot, she risked giving up someone very important to her
Just for him she did a lot of things, didnt know the reason but felt they had to be done!

Emotions ran wild as each night progressed

She heard another nasty phrase...qoute, unqoute - I have a lot of stress

She didnt want it to turn out so negative, but later felt it just had to happen that way

Now holding on to the past the future is not so clear...but they both let it go in a quick snap

The day is done , the sun has set

Moral: Nobody likes a liar...when u lie, expect it back
Its that little word called karma, some say its a pain but yet some see it as a wake up call

Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you...

The End

** I wrote this when i was 15, nvr kno what u'll find or what memories will creep back up when u go searching thru the past...**

Friday, January 23, 2009


hap⋅py  (adjective)

1. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.

2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.

3. favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky: a happy, fruitful land.


hap⋅py (feeling)

1. delighted to see his face, glad he's in my life, yea he's that person.

2. ha...pleasure ;), content in his presence, joy when he makes me smile, mind knows no other feeling when with him.

3. how lucky i am, for once, to have such a REAL man in my life.


The List Goes On

shake and bake

make me sound like a man

damn near perfect

say somethin... "somethin"

you remind of mom dukez

i dont care let the whole world kno

"either she the one or im caught in the matrix"

... yea its cuz i got an iPhone and u dont"

Raf Simons...u aint up on em

put us together how they gone stop both us

met mom and bff's in the same day

when u want a relationship to work u do things to make it work

jay z and kicks...o its a wrap !!

January 10, 2009

snow fight in the middle of the street

computer chair

u got us right..??

o what a drag ...dude

boyfriend and girlfriend but not really

janitorial engineer

"i think i might wife her ya kno powder blue Roca Wear suit whit Nike her...my 'saggin' like her..."

9:12 !!!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009


never have i known a friend to complete, compliment, and comfort me such as this...

where did she come from...??

it was akward yet refreshing to meet someone who acts, talks, walks, and dresses like me...

could this be real... ??

ive had those such "friends" who claimed to be there 'til the end' but where are they ..?? ha !! good question...

ive shed tears and told secrets and not one judgemental comment proceeded out of her mouth...

dare i call her my bff...??

a yr into this new friendship...seems like ive known her for forever...not one fight...not one argument..

is she genuine..??

im very picky when it comes to friends...and i kno she is too...

now i kno she isnt forced to be my friend but she made the decision...and it feels really good to kno her !!

how long will it last..??

shes crazy !! but its cool !!

i actually have no problem with it..cuz she brings out the crazy in me that ive bottled up for so long...

dare i call her my bff...??

will i k.i.t. (keep in touch)...?

should i continue to be her friend...yea, good idea...ive been blesed with someone who can be loyal and trustworthy...


yea, good desription...

i think im gonna k.i.t. with her...

Katherine I. Thrasher !!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creepy Guy

i kno this is random...but theres a really creepy guy sittin next to me in the computer lab !!

help meeee !!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Barak Obama !!

on a brighter note...

my president is black !!!!!

im sooo estatic about this pivotal moment in history..

but most importantly im excited that my grandparents are still here to witness this...

past all the excitement, he still needs to take care of business..like every other president should...

but it just feels good to see that the first family of the United States is BLACK !!

More Stress, Less Time

ive been so stressed within the past month and a half...so therefore i have not been bloggin like i'd like to...

November 1 started it all...i wasnt aware that i was goin through so much until i hit rock bottom...and i hit it hard...

i turned evil(oddly enough)and it wasnt pretty ..

i didnt even take care of myself like i usually do...

eventhough i cant quite reveal what happened...im recovering and i think thats all that matters...

i feel alot better and things are starting to turn around...i think i can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

ive been distant but not anymore...watch out !!