Friday, January 23, 2009

The List Goes On

shake and bake

make me sound like a man

damn near perfect

say somethin... "somethin"

you remind of mom dukez

i dont care let the whole world kno

"either she the one or im caught in the matrix"

... yea its cuz i got an iPhone and u dont"

Raf Simons...u aint up on em

put us together how they gone stop both us

met mom and bff's in the same day

when u want a relationship to work u do things to make it work

jay z and kicks...o its a wrap !!

January 10, 2009

snow fight in the middle of the street

computer chair

u got us right..??

o what a drag ...dude

boyfriend and girlfriend but not really

janitorial engineer

"i think i might wife her ya kno powder blue Roca Wear suit whit Nike 'saggin' like her..."

9:12 !!!!


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