Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nobody Likes A Liar

copyright October 28,2004

This is a little story of two adolescents...

They started off on the wrong foot
some lies were told to conform and some were just for revenge, but they both knew something was there; well maybe only one of them

The feelings she had were present every time they talked on the phone, he told her to get over it but she found it difficult
They argued but the argument meant less than zero; each belonging to a difffernt person one still grew more attached

Confused she was, she got a little mad but never agreed to hate him
Every night losing sleep and into the morning they talked

Advice was given, it hurt but she needed it, it was useful...she got cussed at; and cried
Wasting his time and hers she felt sorry, but he didnt take any part in believing her and she felt sincere...

Maybe something in the future was out of the question
He suggested that they never talk again, that was also out of the question...

Her ears heard a disgusting group of words; they soon blew fire...feeling the heat through the phone he felt shamed

She liked this guy alot, she risked giving up someone very important to her
Just for him she did a lot of things, didnt know the reason but felt they had to be done!

Emotions ran wild as each night progressed

She heard another nasty phrase...qoute, unqoute - I have a lot of stress

She didnt want it to turn out so negative, but later felt it just had to happen that way

Now holding on to the past the future is not so clear...but they both let it go in a quick snap

The day is done , the sun has set

Moral: Nobody likes a liar...when u lie, expect it back
Its that little word called karma, some say its a pain but yet some see it as a wake up call

Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you...

The End

** I wrote this when i was 15, nvr kno what u'll find or what memories will creep back up when u go searching thru the past...**

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